We have been involved in fire hydrant maintenance for many years and have an excellent history of satisfied customers. We offer, once or twice a year inspection for all makes of fire hydrants, We also perform Winterization for private & Municipality Hydrants; call or contact us for special pricing.

Services Include

  • Pressurize the fire hydrant to check for leaks and or damage
  • Clean and lubricate operating nut, nozzles and caps
  • Operate fire hydrant isolation valve
  • Pump out fire hydrant
  • Tag each fire hydrant
  • Inspection report on each hydrant

Other Services

  • Emergency Repairs
  • Flow testing
  • Lowering or extending of fire hydrants
  • Fire Hydrant Winterization

In the event that a fire hydrant is damaged and/or faulty, please call us for an estimate.

For many insurance policies, it is very important to maintain your fire hydrants in reliable working order. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to call us.

Fire Hydrant Repair & Preventative Maintenance

Hydrants should be inspected at least annually and after each use. Where freezing temperatures occur, semi-annual inspections should be made in the spring and fall of each year due to the possibility of freezing. Hydrants should be kept in good condition and suitable records of inspections and repairs be maintained. There should be no obstruction that could interfere with their operation. Snow should be cleared promptly after storms and ice and snow accumulations removed as necessary.