Fire Safety Training

Among all the safety problems an employee can encounter, fire is the most encountered and the most frightening. That is why Fire Prevention and Safety training is so important. Every year the lack of Fire awareness in facilities, cause hundreds of injuries, numerous fatalities, and billions of dollars in damages. Fire Prevention and Safety Training help employees become aware of how their own actions, or inactions, can contribute to the risk of fire. The Best way to avoid and minimize damages do to fire, is to have proper prevention training, conduct emergency drills, and refresh the employees on a annual basis of the risks.


Fire Safety Training for the Office

Have you imagined what you would do if there was fire at your business? Is your staff capable of taking actions to control fire from spreading and/or save lives?

As a business owner you must think about this very real issue seriously. Its best to arrange fire awareness training and fire safety training for your employees to prevent loss of life and your business. It doesn’t mean that the employees can try to be a hero and jump into a fire like it happens in the movies, but get themselves aware what materials can possibly be the source of fire, what to do if fire occurs, to whom to inform, etc. Employees are the base of a business, so you must take necessary steps to save their lives. Fire safety training is very important and employees must take fire safety training to keep themselves safe as well as reduce the effect of a fire if it breaks out at the workplace.


Fire safety videoEvery day, we read about fire accidents but do not take them seriously by thinking it doesn’t happen with you. It also has been found that most deaths happen due to lack of knowledge in dealing with fires. Fire safety training is important for you as a business owner to save your company from huge losses, the figures show there were more than 80% businesses find it very difficult to recover from fire.

Fire may occur when three elements combine – oxygen, fuel and heat. So, it is important to keep these three elements separate and in the employees must play an important role which will reduce the chances of fire. Computers, wooden furniture, papers and other ignitable materials can easily fuel any fire. A fire can occur due to small reasons like an open flame, a cigarette, etc. Visible warning signs with instructions and smoking zones at the premises can be very helpful to keep employees aware. Fire safety alarms and fire extinguishers should also be installed at the workplaces to minimize loss.